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Classical Monologue & Audition Prep


Auditioning for grad school?

Want to go in for more Shakespeare/Classical theatre work?  Or are you completely new to classical work and need some help navigating the basics?

Whatever your needs, I can help you prepare.


As an actor, I've performed in several productions at the Royal Shakespeare Company and in London's West End and I've worked with top classical practitioners like Cicely Berry (Voice & Text legend), Michelle Terry (Artistic Director of Shakespeare's Globe) and Lyndsey Turner (director of Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet).


In our coaching sessions, I will match you with the right monologues for your casting, break down the text in simple, playable ways, discuss character interpretation and intentions and get you ready to face the panel.


Past clients have been accepted into highly respected grad school programs and drama schools including: Yale School of Drama, NYU, UCSD, LAMDA & Columbia University! I've also helped professional actors book theatre jobs & sign with agents. See a selection of my testimonials below.


Contact me here for more info: [email protected]



$35 for an initial consultation

 $55 per hour for sessions at my apartment or any purely text sessions

$70 per hour for sessions at a midtown Manhattan studio


Please note: I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations within 24-hours of the scheduled session will still be charged at 50% of the original session price.



"Harry's coaching has helped me get to final rounds of top UK acting schools and accepted to Yale School of Drama! We worked both on classical and contemporary monologues. My biggest challenges were with the Shakespeare pieces. Harry helped me gain a better understanding of the meaning of the classical language by working to create a strong personal conection with the text - I felt that in this way the language became closer to me and my reality.

Although my first language is Spanish, finding an honest connection with the text and working with Harry on dialect meant that this wasn't a barrier for me anymore. Harry also helped me find ways to be as relaxed as I could before I entered the audition room and we worked on voice and body warm up and focus exercises. I really recommend his coaching!"

- Maia Mihanovich

Maia is now studying at the Yale School of Drama!


"Harry really helped me find the shifts within the text. He kept encouraging me to find a beginning, middle, and ending within my monologues. Finding those specific shifts within the text, allowed me to feel secure about the character's process within the scene. I also have to point out that the thing I valued most about Harry was his calming presence in the space. He kept me grounded whenever I came in anxious or stressed about the audition process. Sometimes that was more valuable than text work because it gave me the courage to go into the room with JOY! Thank you Harry!"

- Eduardo Ackerman

Eduardo got through final callbacks for Juliiard and is now on their waitlist! He's also down to final callbacks for several top London drama schools.


"I was given the chance to work with Harry twice, presenting him with a text that I felt as though I knew inside and out, as well as another which I was in the process of memorizing. Within moments of both sessions, I was beginning to think about the text in entirely new ways, connecting and grounding the work with myself as well as with the character and circumstances. Harry is an incredibly warm and radiant human who allowed for the work to flow in a comfortable environment which had me itching for more after our time together was up. I was able to trust the work and allow it to speak for itself."

- Dhruv Iyengar

Dhruv so far has been accepted to LAMDA, made it to final callbacks to Julliard, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Rose Bruford College and is waiting to hear further news!


"Harry is a phenomenal audition coach. His strength lies in his analytical ability to understand any given text and teach the actor how to navigate it. He is patient, supportive, and an incredibly skilled actor, so he was easy to communicate with and had useful advice for the audition room. I would highly recommend him for Shakespeare audition prep!"

- Gillian Bolt

Gillian has been accepted into grad school at NYU, UCSD & Columbia and is currently deciding where she will go! Congrats Gillian!


"Harry was sublime! We only spent an hour working on two pieces I needed to prep for two big auditions in the next couple days, but he was a huge help!

I have used these monologues for quite a while now and it felt like new life was breathed into them after his coaching. He offered introspective yet simultaneously unobtrusive questions and a centering exercise, both which enabled me to think about these monologues in new ways and allowed me to stumble upon a completely different take for one. It was very helpful to have educated feedback from someone who has substantial training and was seeing me for the first time, as people would in my impending auditions.

What I valued most from my hour with Harry was that while he presented new perspectives from which to approach my material, he was very aware that he had only known me for an hour and never labeled any of my choices as "right" or "wrong," so much as provided ways for me to more easily discover my own new options!

(In terms of results, Harry helped me receive callbacks from 10 out of 13 companies at a combined audition, and I have received two offers thus far! Thanks, Harry!)"

- Anna Rock


"When I met Harry, I was moments away from giving up on my pieces and maybe my audition altogether! I was stuck in my head and in my own way, I couldn't figure out why I was no longer connecting and having fun with the material the way I had before. The worst feeling as an actor is when you don't believe yourself and you can't figure out how to. Harry helped me to see where I was stuck and, more importantly, HOW I could break through and connect every single time! Through his graciously flexible meeting times and absurdly affordable rates, we dug and worked until the pieces came fully alive.  Harry worked at my level, with getting in my body, the text, mapping, the overall audition experience, the whole shiraz.  He's a true expert and the best Shakespeare coach I've ever met. I've never felt as amazing in a Shakespeare audition as I did the week after working with Harry.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am that I found him when I did."

- Jordan Carey


"Harry is fantastic at pinpointing my strengths and weaknesses, then fine-tuning the former and exploring the latter. Through movement, concentration, and text exercises, Harry has the ability to bring you out of your head and into your body to create spontaneous reactions. Never before have I truly understood the depth of certain Shakespeare speeches until I came to Harry. Highly recommended!"

- Anthony Fagan


"Harry was wonderful! My session was super easy to schedule with him even though it was relatively last minute for an audition, and we got right to work. He’s flexible with listening to what I felt like I needed to work on, and was really collaborative and helpful. We discovered lots of new things, and he makes Shakespeare not daunting at all."

- Diane Chen


"I just hired Harry in preparation for my Oregon Shakespeare audition and I am SO glad I did. I was putting together a new monologue in line with their season, and Harry helped me to lay the ground work for a strong audition. We were able to do some table work, breakdown the text and verse, get up on our feet, and find a successful way for me to connect with the other character while presenting a monologue. If you are in search of some one-on-one audition prep, hire Harry!!! PLUS he's an RSC alum for all you Shakespeare nerds out there, so you know he knows what he's talking about (and he's lovely and charming to boot)."

- Kate Gunther


"If you're looking for a classical monologue coach in NY, look no further than Harry Waller. Cannot recommend enough for material suggestions, honing specificity, and feedback that will help make your auditions sing in a repeatable, personal way."

- Bonnie Antosh


"If you're looking for Shakespeare prep in a safe, challenging environment, look no further! Harry is wonderfully insightful and generous. He was able to help me add more life to some pieces I've had for a while. I will definitely be back!"

- Elizabeth Berkman


"I brought Harry two monologues which I’d been doing for years and which I was sick to death of - within the course of an hour he had me thinking about both in a different way, and genuinely excited to bring either to my next audition.

I haven’t felt this envigorated working on Shakespeare (or any!) monologues in years - Harry helped me find my own voice within these speeches, and come to terms with some unhelpful old voices which had been floating around at the back of my head for years."

- Bess Miller