Actor. Singer. Etc.


This is Joe deVivre.


Joe has been travelling around singing sad songs ever since his heart was broken by Magda. Apparently she led him on. Possibly they were once engaged. Or perhaps he just saw her one day in the cafe where she worked and, too nervous to speak, bolted his coffee and ran to the nearest toilet to throw up.


Whatever the truth, the fact is that Joe has been obsessed, depressed and occasionally thrilled by the memory of Magda. Her beauty. Her face. Her magic way with a milk foamer. His shows are an artistic display of catharsis - an outpouring of his love, his rage, his sorrow and his unfulfilled horn.


Well, she looks like a flower and she's hitting my heart like a drum, like a drum, like a drum...


"Outstanding and hilarious" - MadeInShoreditch.co.uk


"Joe deVivre has a talent for making you laugh at what you really shouldn't." - Views from the Gods


CABARET & Other Projects

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She came in mighty late one night

Drunk on whiskey, and high on life

Mama said: "Child is ev'rything alright?"

She just smiled her eyes at the flickerin' screen...



Darlene Dakota's Goddamn Show is an original gig-musical, with script and songs written by Harry. The piece was developed in collaboration with UK-based actor-musician Lloyd Gorman (Sunny Afternoon, West End). It tells the story of Darlene and her pregnant second-cousin Mary-Sue as they return to their hometown for an explosive one-night-only performance.


The show had a developmental reading at the Pleasance Theatre, London, in 2016.



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The Feste Project

I'm currently writing a piece of music-theatre called The Feste Project. Re-imagining Feste from Twelfth Night as a queer partyboy, carving out a fragile existence as an artist. The piece will explore what it is to begin to realise that you're the oldest one on the dancefloor. It is written in modern verse and will feature my own original settings of Shakespeare songs (and some songs using a mashup of other Shakespeare texts). In 2019 we performed a workshop production of it at the PIT Loft in NYC and are hoping to take the show further. We also created an album, produced by Jonah Rosenberg, which is available for download here: https://harrywaller.bandcamp.com/releases